Thursday, March 27, 2008

You Are Valued

Today we spent all day at Crescent City Christian School, affiliated with Celebration Church on one of their campuses. They've recently gotten a brand-new computer system, new desks, new plasma screen TVs... basically tons of spankin' new goodies.

It was amazing how much time it takes to tear out old desks, put in new, re-wire an entire school, hook up new computers... but it was so rewarding to see this brand-new high-tech Christian education take shape.

We worked with another Mariners team, so it was so cool to see the whole school campus crawling with bright blue "Mariners Global Outreach" t-shirts and watch it be transformed from old broken desks to new, clean, shiny desks, newly-waxed floors, brand-new computers and monitors and the air around us permeated with hope and optimism.

A team of 2-8 people were constantly breaking down computer boxes and hauling trash to the dumpsters, others were running cable through the ceiling, others were cleaning, assembling tables... endless tasks done with cheerful hearts!

Hopefully, this new facelift and technology will encourage parents to enroll their kids here so they can learn about the Lord at school, as well as get the kind of great education that many in New Orleans never receive. This was a huge chance to reach entire generations, just by a willingness to break down a few boxes and sweat a little. We get to show this community that they are valuable to people and to God by giving of our time.

How great is our God!

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