Thursday, March 27, 2008

Finding the Moment

The New Orleans Team after a morning of yard work.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my first blog on this page and and I am excited to write to you from New Orleans. This has been a great trip where I have had the pleasure of getting to know my fellow FUELERS and leader, Justin, more. We have had some amazing stories and would be happy to share them with you; you just have to ask.

I had a moment on Wednesday where I saw this team doing something all together for the first time on this adventure and felt proud and moved. It was a moment that I will remember as the image from this trip. It wasn't something profound or outrageously cool, it was simply cleaning a yard. I mowed my very first lawn, and we then cleaned it and made it look very nice. What made it great for me was how well we worked together and how we were able to be there for each other without really saying anything, we just did it!

For me, that was a moment where I saw what God is doing with FUEL and what God will do with FUEL. I love moments where teams get together, function for the Lord, for each other; and then get together and enjoy one another like you hadn't just spent the whole day together. We spend 24 hours together, and when we are at dinner or we are at Celebration meeting with their version of FUEL and meeting them and helping them establish their own "FUEL" and we don't get tired of each other, we get excited even when we haven't spoken for five minutes. I love this team, I love these people, and I am honored to have been part of this adventure for Christ.

CHOZEN, the Celebration version of FUEL has great potential and some really great people who want to serve, grow and make people BELONG. Their are driven, they are passionate, they are great leaders who were touched to have us there and we were touched by what they are and what they presented. God is doing great things in New Orleans, and for a moment, we got to be part of that. It was awesome. They have a worship leader, Amanda, who is incredibly talented, with a great story. She made some of us cry with her singing. It was awesome. Another girl, Nabilla, a great story teller (she did a drama that moved me!), and a great leader, talked to Charlene and I about how much she loves CHOZEN and she loves God. Keep her in your prayers.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you for this team and this experience.


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Adam said...

It truly was an amazing site seeing everybody clicking and lending a hand everywhere they possibly could, but even more amazing was that it was like this all week long, in EVERYTHING that we did.