Thursday, March 27, 2008


One of the coolest opportunities we've had here in New Orleans is the chance hang out with the members of Chozen, Celebration Church's young adult group.

Last night we went to their Leadership Summit, where all the leaders of ministries in the church come together for a night of worship and a chance to catch up on the available ministries and fellowship with other leaders. After the main event, we got the chance to hang out with Chozen peeps and get to talk together about our common goals, frustations, joys and lessons learned in Christian leadership.

The incredible thing is the commonalities we have, despite the differences in hometowns and cultures. Seeing people come to Christ-centered community, find a place to belong, grow spiritually and reach out again in service is what we're all working towards and it is so encouraging to see people, thousands of miles apart, catching the same vision.

The Chozen folks were tons of fun, too, hence our nearly-midnight run to IHOP. We all gelled together right away, and were laughing and bonding together like one group (which I guess we are,) by the end of the night.

Tonight we're going back for more discussion, fellowship and leadership training, and we can't wait!

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Ashley N said...

Sounds like an amazing trip! God is doing awesome things through ya'll in such a broken city.

(yes, I said ya'll...I'm Adam's sister from Texas to explain that)