Friday, July 11, 2008

What is Fuel?

Being away from Fuel at the moment (I'm in Michigan working on my masters in music education for most of the summer), I believe I have a unique viewpoint on what Fuel is. It's hard being away from it! But I thought I would try to explain what Fuel is to those people who maybe are checking out the website. You should come!

First off, Fuel is a group that focuses on Christ. Our main purpose is to worship God and honor Him with our lives. Each week we meet in the Upper Room at Mariners Church (7:30 p.m.) to have fellowship, worship, and study the Word with our awesome pastor, Justin. It is so important, especially at this crucial time in our lives, to put our focus on Jesus. He alone knows what is best for us, and He alone knows where we are going in our lives.

At Fuel, we experience community. I believe that the community of Fuel is the best I have ever seen. (of course, I am a little biased, as community is my focus as a Core Leader!) At Fuel, you can come to know others, and be known yourself. I have heard from numerous people that the members of Fuel are more authentic than most people they've met, especially in light of our Southern California culture. At Fuel we seek to encourage each other and build each other up through fellowship. You will make some lifelong friends at this group.

We are focused on spiritual growth. Everyone is encouraged to join a small group. For those of you who have not encountered a small group before - it's a "small group" (less than 10) of people who meet together and talk about God's Word. Furthermore, we talk about what is happening in our own lives. It's a great experience, because you can give and receive encouragement in your daily walk with God. Many great relationships have been formed through small groups.

We focus on serving. Each year we go down to Estado 29, an orphanage in Mexico, to serve the children there. We collect money for those orphans so they can have fresh milk. We work at a homeless shelter serving dinners. I'm really excited about the serve aspect of Fuel - it is growing even as we speak!

We focus on bringing others to Fuel. Living as a Christian is so much easier with others around you who share your faith. We want people to experience all that Fuel offers. So we do a variety of fun events that you can invite friends to - take a trip to Mammoth, go bowling, hang out at the beach, have a game night. It's super easy to bring people along with you - who doesn't want to have fun?

Most of all, Fuel is a place to know God, and know others. Please come and experience it for yourself. It is one of the greatest blessings in my life, and I know many others who would agree with me.

Hope to see you when I get back!


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